Dhenkanal District with Dhenkanal Sadar and Kankadahad Blocks and Ganjam District with Chhatrapur and Sanakhemundi Blocks.

Climate Risks – Agriculture

  • The main crop is Paddy. Other Kharif crops are Vegetables, Green gram, Black gram
  • Major Rabi crops are Pulses and Oilseeds like Til, Groundnut, Sesame
  • Farming is primarily rainfed
  • Literacy rate around 73%
  • Over 82% are small and marginal farmers

 Identified Challenges

  • High rainfall variability – late onset, less number of rainy days
  • Intermittent dry spells in monsoon and high intensity showers in post-monsoon season
  • Two peak period of food stress during the year
  • Frequent droughts and dry spells
  • Major droughts experienced in every 5-6 years
  • Floods and Flash floods
  • Major disasters like cyclone

Telegram Channels for Odisha

Chhatrapur: https://telegram.me/ccknia_od_chhatrapur chatrapur
t_logoSanakhemundi: https://telegram.me/ccknia_od_sanakhemundi sanakhemundi
Dhenkanal sadar: https://telegram.me/ccknia_od_dhenkanal_sadar dsadar
Kankadahad: https://telegram.me/ccknia_od_kankadahad kankdahad


Villages where CCKN-IA is implemented in Dhenkanal District

Villages where CCKN-IA is implemented in Ganjam District

Block GP Village
Chhatrapur Baulagaon Baulagaon
Chhatrapur Baulagaon Rukunigam
Chhatrapur Tanganapalli Tanganapalli
Chhatrapur Tanganapalli Ramapalli
Chhatrapur Kanamana Kanamana
Chhatrapur Kanamana Takiria Berhampur
Chhatrapur Kanamana BataChatrapur
Sanakhemundi Patapur Patapur
Sanakhemundi Pattapur Osta J. N. Pur
Sanakhemundi Chudangpur Lunilath
Sanakhemundi Chudangpur Palaspur
Sanakhemundi Chudangpur Jalamara
Sanakhemundi Singipur Gudurigaon
Sanakhemundi Singipur Sunakhandi
Block GP Village
Dhenkanal Sadar Nagiaposi Nagiaposi
Dhenkanal Sadar Nagiaposi Krushnakumarpur
Dhenkanal Sadar Nagiaposi Harekrushnapur
Dhenkanal Sadar Tarava Mandapal
Dhenkanal Sadar Tarava Nuagaon
Dhenkanal Sadar Kankadahad DS Majuri
Dhenkanal Sadar Kankadahad DS Sarion
Dhenkanal Sadar Kankadahad DS Kankadahad-v-ds
Kankadahad Garhpalasuni Jorada
Kankadahad Balikuma Balikuma
Kankadahad Balikuma Tariniposi
Kankadahad Balikuma Urbengi
Kankadahad Kankadahad KD Kankadahad-v-kd
Kankadahad Kankadahad KD Kandhara
Kankadahad Kankadahad KD Patabeda
Kankadahad Kankadahad KD Rupabeda