Pune District and Ahmednagar District with Nagar and Rahata Block.

Climate Risks – Agriculture

  • The main crop is Paddy. Other Kharif crops are Sorghum, Millets, Maize, Oilseeds like Sesame, Groundnut, Soyabean, Cotton
  • Major Rabi crops are Wheat, Green ChickPea, Sunflower, Safflower, Maize, Sorghum
  • Farming is primarily rain fed
  • Literacy rate around 83%.
  • Over 80% are small and marginal farmers

Identified Challenges

  • Increase in temperatures
  • High rainfall variability and uncertainty - late sowing, low or no crop yields
  • Resowing inevitable due to delayed rains
  • Cropping seasons are extended.
  • Dew and cold temperatures during winter, low yields of crops like gram, wheat
  • Increased incidences of pest infestation

Telegram Channels for Maharashtra

t_logoJunnar: Junnar1
Velhe: Velhe
Nagar:  Nagarup


Villages where CCKN-IA is implemented in Pune District

Villages where CCKN-IA is implemented in Ahmednagar District

Block GP Village
Velhe Kelad Kelad
Velhe Velhe Khurd Velhe Khurd
Velhe Ambavane Ambavane
Velhe Ghol Ghol
Velhe Kadhve Kadhve
Velhe Ranjane Ranjane
Junnar Agar Agar
Junnar Golegaon Golegaon
Junnar Ale Ale
Junnar Warulwadi Warulwadi
Junnar Ajanawale Ajanawale
Junnar Ane Ane
Block GP Village
Nagar Khandala Khandala
Nagar Hivrebajar Hivrebajar
Nagar Manjar Sumbha Manjar Sumbha
Nagar Bahirwadi Bahirwadi
Nagar Mathani Mathani
Nagar Khandke Khandke
Rahata Gogalgaon Gogalgaon
Rahata Pimpri Lokai Pimpri Lokai
Rahata Kelwad Kelwad
Rahata Korhale Korhale
Rahata Khadakewake Khadakewake
Rahata Walki Walki