Operational Areas in Jharkhand are East Singhbhum District with Boram and Patamda Blocks and Ranchi District with Angara and Ormanjhi Blocks.

Climate Risks – Agriculture

  • The main crop is Paddy. Other Kharif crops are Maize, Minor Millets, Pigeon Pea, and Vegetables
  • Major Rabi crops are Wheat, Potatoes, Pluses, and Vegetables
  • Farming is primarily rain fed and the cropping intensity is low
  • Majority of population is tribal
  • Literacy rate around 50%
  • Over 45% are small and marginal farmers

Identified Challenges

  • Extinction of good long term local traditional crop varieties – paddy and millets, minor millet
  • Reduced crop coverage - Upland and medium land crops
  • Reduced production of pulses, oilseeds, millets
  • Reduction in number of household level livestock
  • Recurring droughts has made several farmers into wage labourers

Telegram Channels for Jharkhand

Ormanjhi: https://telegram.me/ccknia_jh_ormanjhi Bar Code
t_logoAngara: https://telegram.me/ccknia_jh_angara angara
Patamda: https://telegram.me/ccknia_jh_patamda Bar Code
Boram:  https://telegram.me/ccknia_jh_boram Bar Code

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Villages CCKN-IA is implemented in East Singhbhum District

Villages CCKN-IA is implemented in Ranchi District

Block GP Village
Boram Kuiyani Kuiyani
Boram Kuiyani Muchidih
Boram Kuiyani Jilingdungri
Boram Madhavpur Madhavpur
Boram Madhavpur Palashdih
Boram Madhavpur Chota Chikra
Boram Paharpur Paharpur
Boram Paharpur Chamta
Boram Beldih Bangai
Boram Beldih Sobhada
Patamda Patamda Rangatarn
Patamda Patamda Anguidangar
Patamda Patamda Patamda
Patamda Lachhipur Bansgarh
Patamda Lachipur Lachipur
Patamda Birra Rakhdih
Patamda Birra Birra
Patamda Birra Beldih
Patamda Bankuchia Indatarn
Patamda Oriya Oriya
Block GP Village
Angara Sirka Sirka
Angara Sirka Masaniya
Angara Haratu Eid
Angara Haratu Dublabeda
Angara Haratu Nagrabeda
Angara Haratu Saheda
Angara Bisa Bisa
Angara Navagarh Badri
Angara Getalsud Getalsud
Angara Getalsud Banadag
Ormanjhi Chandra Chandra
Ormanjhi Hendebilli Hendebilli
Ormanjhi Hendebilli Javabeda
Ormanjhi Kuchu Kuchu
Ormanjhi Kuchu Kamta
Ormanjhi Kuchu Kulhi
Ormanjhi Ichadag Tape
Ormanjhi Sadma Sadma
Ormanjhi Sadma Dundun
Ormanjhi Sadma Sadmajara
Ormanjhi Tundahuil Aara