Case Study

Transformational force: Women farmers leading the way to adapt agriculture to climate change

Women perform various agricultural activities. However, in majority of trainings programs, it’s only the men who participate. We also need information so that we can learn and apply the knowledge to improve our agricultural production” Nirmala Devi - Farmer of Kuchu village  Ranchi District in Jharkhand

Convergence towards tackling the challenges

“Timely information is very critical for us when we farm. We get input support from government and CCKN-IA project provides us the information to implement it. Both are very important for us. Last year, I was able to save INR 500 from managing pest in my paddy crop because I received very good information from CCKN-IA project”. Motiram Bediya - Field Extension Agent from Hendibili village in Ranchi district Jharkhand

Back to basics – Traditional farming methods revisited as adaptation strategy to climate change

“I was able to prevent infestation of pests at very low cost. I use to apply chemical pesticides every week but couldn’t control pests. With Neem Oil, I am able to control the pests and with 40% reduction in cost of pesticides application ” Mantu Mahato - Farmer from Rakhdih village, East Singbhum District in Jharkhand

Real time knowledge exchange – enhancing adaptive capacity of farmers

“I have explained the farmers about the climate change and its impact on agriculture. I stress the importance of cultivating short duration varieties, mixed cropping, staggered nursery raising, cultivation of paddy with SRI technique and farmers insurance.” Dutilal Bediya - Field Extension Agent from Nagrabera village Jharkhand

“Infopowerment” - Improving livestock management in Obar Village

“CCKN-IA project has not only made them aware about different types of diseases which affects their livestock but also helped them to manage their livestock in better way. A pair of bullock cost around approx. INR 35,000 and its loss is unimaginable for us. Further, loss of cattle directly affects our entire crop output” Mr. Pahlu Bediya - Field Extension Agent from Obar village Jharkhand